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"The only limits we have are the ones we give ourselves. Our talents are our super powers. Use them to change the world."


Vanessa Canevaro grew up on a farm outside of Muenster, SK Canada. At the age of 5 she decided she wanted to be a writer and 31 years later made her dream come true with the launch of her first book, I Want a Dragon. Two years following a second book in the children's genre, Zero the Super Hero was released with glowing reviews.

Always dreaming bigger, Vanessa decided to never set limitations on her creativity and started her journey into the historical fiction world. After 3 years of research, writing and encouragement, Of Lions and Lambs was born, published and accepted with 5-star reviews.

What's Next?

Vanessa always has a few projects on the go. The sequel to Of Lions and Lambs is in the works as well as her first adventure into the personal development world will see the release of The Dream Big Life in the Fall of 2019. Vanessa is a featured guest author in a collaboration book titled, Still Beautiful.

Stay tuned for other dreaming big journeys.




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