Zero the Superhero

Henry is the kid that's in us all. His wild imagination and 'superhero' attitude brought back memories of when I was that kid fighting evil villains. A must read colorful adventure.

-D. Casity

My 4th grade class loved Zero the Superhero and his trusty sidekick. Giggles and cheers erupted from the group.

-Ms. Mackenzie

Of Lions and Lambs

5 Star Review

“Lambs” is author Vanessa Canevaro’s first foray into the world of historical fiction, and it is utterly fantastic.  Interspersed with short vignettes featuring familiar biblical faces like Adam and Eve, Lazarus, and Mary Magdalene, this novel reads like a Dan Brown novel with a welcomed delicate touch.  “Lambs” reimagines the origins of our species, taking the reader on an adventure across ages and continents that is part thriller, part folktale.“

-Red City Review,

I Want a Dragon

4 Star Review

This is a funny little picture book with a surprise ending. The illustrations are good and support the story line, which involves a spoiled little rich girl who has everything. She wants a dragon for her birthday. So, her wannabe boy friend goes shopping for one. The first shopkeeper directs him to the wizard who has the dragon recipe for him. With recipe in hand, he heads to the birthday party and the story comes to a hilarious ending. The spoiled and rich little girl’s character is well drawn. You’ll find her annoying, which makes the surprise ending that much more satisfying. This is a fine story for bedtime for the kiddies.

-Dean Schechinger


Folks, I am not kidding when I say that my kids really enjoyed this book… within no time, it has become a family-favorite that has been read over-and-over again. The very colorful pictures are full of energy and super fun to look at, that even my two-year-old got a kick out of them. The story itself is really well-written and perfect for the age group. Of course, my kids LOVED the Wizard of the book, whom Hubby does a great job impersonating. Our favorite part of the book was Marcy May who follows Robbie around, yelling out, “I want a dragon!” which was so much fun, that by the end of the book all three of my kids were yelling out, “I want a dragon!” Plus, as a parent, Hubby and I loved the lesson learned at the end of the book.

All in all, the book was very easy for the children to follow and did an amazing job of keeping them engaged. You know a book is good when they get quiet at the big parts, just to roll on the bed laughing at the funny parts. 

-Shauna Torres, Adventures of My Family of 8 (


For anyone who's struggled with manners and with wanting more and more things (like toys-or dragons!), I Want a Dragon is a must-read. An enchanting tale, told by local mom and author Vanessa Canevaro, that's sure to capture the attention of readers big and small.

The moral of the story: be careful what you wish for!

-West Coast Families Magazine